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The fitness team trainer will conduct a free initial consultation with all prospective clients to determine some base level information from which to build a bespoke health and fitness programme.

From this base level information the first paid session will include some fitness, strength and flexibility testing so as to construct a training programme geared to specific goals and appreciating the individual’s current state of health and fitness.

The fitness team recommend that each client block book 10 sessions at £35 each session in order to guarantee preferred time slots and to provide incentive to attend regular appointments to achieve agreed goals.

The fitness team also run group training sessions and you can refer to our pricing structure (link to the fitness team pricing structure) for more details of these.

It is not the policy of the fitness team to charge for missed appointments, made due to unforeseen circumstances, as we want to be as flexible as we can be at all times.

However we hope that our clients will understand and appreciate that in order to deliver a consistent level of customer service we will look to recoup any lost revenues if we are not allowed sufficient time to re plan our trainer’s diaries due to untimely cancellations.

The fitness team trainer will agree mutually convenient times for your sessions at the initial free consultation.

If the client is running late the trainer will have to finish at the allotted time to accommodate other clients training sessions.

If the fitness team trainer runs late they will make up the lost time to the client at an agreed time.

The trainer will provide all equipment required at each session and can supply equipment, at an agreed cost, if needed.

All the trainers at the fitness team are fully insured and accredited members of the fitness industry regulatory bodies.

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